Sunday, June 6, 2010

Need Some Working Capital? Bad Credit?

Are YOU looking for startup loans, bad credit business loan, small business loan (startup funds),
bad credit personal loan (to get your business moving or KEEP it moving)?

Could YOU use a list of bad credit loan lenders, sources for unsecured bad credit loans, bad credit home equity loans or bad credit student loans?

Fitting into the space between banks (for good-credit loans) and Angel Investors (for high-risk startups) there ARE resources for getting you the money you need, NOW!

One is a book at, kind of costly at $44.75, but seems to be full of the names, phone numbers and agencies that will get you loans OR never-repay grants to move you and your business plans forward quickly. Here is "Business Loans Even with Bad Credit"

If you only want a well-researched ebook with many of the same sources and resources, get this bookBusiness Loans And Business Credit: Loans With No Personal Guarantee.

Living in America, you have access to TREMENDOUS resources, so get one of these and start helping yourself to what's stored up for YOU.

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